Garmin King of Mt Buller and
Garmin Queen of Mt Buller
Fastest male and fastest female from Mirimbah to the picturesque Mt Buller
Alpine Village.


As part of the 2014 SCODY High Country Cycle Challenge, all riders who enter the 165km and 100km Ride Options will automatically be eligible for the Garmin King or Queen of Mt Buller.

Not only will the fastest male and female win some great prizes but in 2014 there'll also be prizes in age and weight categories too!

Entry is free!


What's your best time climbing up Mt Buller? Can you match the benchmark of 39.50 set by Simon Gerrans in 2008? Now you can find out!

The 2014 Garmin King and Queen of Mt Buller will be conducted through Strava.

All you need is a Garmin GPS unit on your bike OR the Strava app on your smart phone in your back pocket.

To download the app for your iPhone, use this link.
For your Android phone, use this link.

Make sure your GPS is turned on before you start your climb up Mt Buller - you'll see the sign showing where the segment starts - and turn it off (and save it) once you've finished your ride; either the finish line in the Mt Buller Village Square or back in Mansfield.

Remember to upload your ride data to Strava by Tuesday 25 March. There'll be a segment saved on Strava for the SHCCC for the day.

The eligible winners will be announced on Wednesday 26 March.


This year there'll be prizes for:
- fastest Female;
- fastest Male;
- fastest Female 45 years of age or over;
- fastest Male 55 years of age or over;
- fastest Female 75kgs in weight or over; and
- fastest Male 85kgs in weight or over.

Each of these winners will receive a Garmin Edge 510 GPS unit.

On top of these sensational prizes, the Fastest Female and Fastest Male will also win:
• a limited edition King or Queen of Mt Buller jersey from SCODY;
• a holiday for two at Mansfield's Alzburg Resort;

Garmin King and Queen of Mt Buller

Here are the Garmin Kings and Queens of Mt Buller.

The Fastest Woman was Leanne Kennedy of Griffith, NSW.

The first 10 places were:
Leanne Kennedy 14.9km/h 1:01:07
Sheridan Hall 14.3km/h 1:03:51
Bettina Moonen 14.2km/h 1:04:13
Katie Lankow 13.6km/h 1:06:54
Belinda W 13.1km/h 1:09:34
Mandy Rhook 13.1km/h 1:09:59
Simone Cameron 13.0km/h 1:10:00
Jen Collier 12.9km/h 1:11:09
Dominique Jeremiah 12.9km/h 1:12:53
Kay Huggins 12.4km/h 1:15:28
The Fastest Man was Matt Clark of Beechworth, Vic.
The first 10 places were:
Matt Clark 22.9km/h 40:57
Tasman Nankervis 20.3km/h 46.15
Brad Clarke 19.4km/h 48:20
Andrew Foster 19.3km/h 48:35
Andrew Cox 18.3km/h 51:24
Luke Feldman 18.1km/h 51:52
Aran Lankow 17.9km/h 52:23
Jason Hewitt 17.4km/h 53:45
Justin Wild 17.3km/h 54:15
Ryan Thomas 17.2km/h 54:25
The Fastest Woman over 45 years old was Bettina Moonen of Beaconsfield, Vic.
The first 10 places were:
Bettina Moonen 14.6km/h 1:04:11
Mandy Rhook 13.1km/h 1:09:59
Dominique Jeremiah 12.9km/h 1:12:53
Kay Huggins 12.4km/h 1:15:28
Fiona Styles 11.6km/h 1:20:56
Cadence Velo 11.3km/h 1:22:54
Allison Hanger 11.3km/h 1:23:04
Sue Madden 11.2km/h 1:23:42
Paula McGovern 9.4km/h 1:40:03
Emma Boulton 9.0km/h 1:44:12
The Fastest Man over 55 years old was Peter Maurer of Lara, Vic.
The first 10 places were:
Peter Maurer 16.5km/h 55:13
Tim Huggins 16.0km/h 56:51
Kevin Turley 16.0km/h 57:00
Christopher Fairall 15.1km/h 1:00:28
Chris Kinnaird 14.8km/h 1:01:24
Graham Prossor 14.2km/h 1:04:23
Rodney Bethune 14.0km/h 1:05:11
Mark Sandeman 13.8km/h 1:06:08
John Bursill 13.5km/h 1:07:18
Bruce Simons 13.5km/h 1:07:43
The Fastest Woman over 75kg was Belinda Wren of Evatt, ACT.
The first 4 places were:
Belinda W 13.1km/h 1:09:34
Melinda Rich 10.6km/h 1:26:11
Paula McGovern 9.1km/h 1:40:09
Tilley Wilson 6.3km/h 2:24:49
The Fastest Man over 85kg was Jason Hewitt of Lara, Vic.
The first 10 places were:
Jason Hewitt 17.4km/h 53:45
Simon Ward 16.3km/h 55:53
John Dempsey 15.5km/h 58:43
The Don 15.3km/h 59:32
Peter Budd 15.2km/h 1:00:00
Richard Lyon 13.9km/h 1:05:21
Derek Zoolandr 13.9km/h 1:05:46
Phil Coldwell 13.7km/h 1:06:34
Ben Mc 13.5km/h 1:07:21
Robert Foote 13.5km/h 1:07:30

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